iCLAW Culliney Partners ™ is a boutique law firm.

Punching well above its weight both here in New Zealand and in international markets, Culliney Partners boasts a proud reputation for working intelligently and exceptionally hard for a select group of commercial and private clients.

Culliney Partners focuses on commercial property, property development, commercialisation and monetisation of intellectual property and international expansion, and investment.

Alongside its specialty services, the Culliney Partner’s team also provides general property and commercial advice to property investors, new home buyers and small to medium enterprises.

Owen Culliney

Owen Culliney

Managing Partner

Owen sees the law differently.  

A managing partner of iCLAW, he started the firm with the vision of an innovative, boutique practice that puts people at the centre of every decision.

Owen’s 15-year legal career has taken him from commercial property transactions at Harkness Henry to general practice, rural property, general counsel in the medico-legal space and partnership at a midsized Waikato firm.

At James & Wells, Owen grew a corporate and commercial practice specialising in intellectual property and developed a bustling property division alongside Aasha Foley.

Owen has established himself as a trusted adviser in the corporate and commercial space and continues to oversee the property practice at iCLAW while remaining engaged in the medico-legal field.  

Clients love him because of his ability to get to the heart of an issue and provide strategic solutions. Whether working with a small business or a multinational corporation, Owen approaches every interaction with a genuine desire to do right by the people he is helping.

His passion for elevating clients’ success on the local and international stage is what drives him to continue to grow and innovate.

Email: owen@iclaw.com

Phone: (07) 929 4301

Mobile: 027 213 8979

Aasha Foley

Aasha Foley

Managing Partner

Aasha sees the law as a way to help people achieve their goals.

Specialising in commercial and property law, Aasha’s diverse expertise includes property development and corporate financing, commercial advice and structuring, mergers and acquisitions, limited partnerships, and intellectual property.

Aasha has also established herself as an expert in managing complex mix-used property developments. Her experience in the property market, and in particular property development financing, has seen her develop a reputation for executing projects of scale effectively and efficiently.

With property development, comes investment and capital raising, and so with that Aasha’s experience has extended to the establishment of private equity funds and property investment vehicles.

Aasha’s expertise extends further to the intricacies of intellectual property in a commercial transaction, including the provision of licensing, supply, distribution and joint venture agreements, the sale and purchase of intellectual property rights, no-shop agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

Known for her ability to identify opportunities and anticipate outcomes, Aasha is an insightful, precise and pragmatic advisor.

Her passion and drive have seen her become one of New Zealand’s youngest partners and owners of a law firm, and named as a Rising Star by NZ Lawyer in 2021.

Email: aasha@iclaw.com

Phone: (07) 929 4302

Mobile: 0211475687

Sam Douglas

Sam Douglas


Sam sees the law as a way to improve the lives of others.

With more than 12 years' experience working at respected law firms in Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty, Sam brings a broad range of expertise to the iCLAW team.

Specialising in property and commercial law, he is a trusted adviser on commercial contracts, the sale and purchase of businesses and all aspects of commercial and residential property.

His extensive experience in this space includes greenfield and commercial subdivisions, complex due diligence investigations, construction, large-scale leasing projects, financing and technical title advice.

Sam also assists clients with asset planning, including trusts, wills and relationship property matters.

Sam is known by his clients as a practical and conscientious advisor that goes the extra mile. His motivation to help clients get the best results extends to everything he does, whether it’s a large and complex commercial deal or helping a family get into their first home.

Email: sam@iclaw.com

Phone: (07) 929 4303

Mobile: 027 465 7791

Nickolas Sam

Nickolas Sam

Hong Kong Representative

Nick is iCLAW’s representative in Hong Kong and has over 13 years’ experience in Hong Kong. Nick works alongside our New Zealand office to extend iCLAW’s international reach for our clients in New Zealand to enter markets in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Taiwan.

Nick has a myriad of corporate and legal experience, including appointments as an executive director of companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Nick has also held positions as general counsel to investment management and VC companies in both Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Nick practiced law in New Zealand before joining global offshore firm Ogier in Hong Kong, where he specialised in the Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands law aspects of corporate advisory matters, aircraft financing and the formation and ongoing operation of investment funds. Subsequently, Nick co-founded a boutique corporate law firm in Hong Kong where he practised for five years.

Nick is qualified as a solicitor in New Zealand, England & Wales and the British Virgin Islands. In addition, Nick is one of the few in the Asia region qualified to practice as an attorney in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Nick holds a Bachelor of Laws with Honours and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

"Nickolas Sam is praised as "a very approachable and excellent resource for advice on the intricacies of Marshall Islands law." Based in Hong Kong, he is admired by another interviewee for his "dynamic and creative advice." He advises clients on the formation of Marshall Islands corporations, as well as acquisitions and contentious matters."
- Chambers and Partners

Email: nick@iclaw.com

Simmi Singh

Simmi Singh

Senior Solicitor

Simmi joined iCLAW’s property team in August 2019.

Simmi is passionate about all things property. She appreciates that in order to maintain a balanced wealth portfolio, real estate is a key.

However, Simmi also strongly believes that Kiwi’s need to continue to lead the world in research and development and to own and jealously guard their intellectual property.

Simmi comes from a dispute resolution background, working predominately in the intellectual property rights area specialising in defamation and breach of contract. She acquired litigation experience from District Court to Court of Appeal working alongside a leading Barrister in Auckland and more general expertise at a well-respected Auckland Law Firm.

Where disputes have arisen and litigation is unavoidable, Simmi will represent clients in Court. Her preference, however, has always been to negotiate, disputes where parties are committed to avoiding the expense, delays and uncertainty of litigation. “The Court is a wonderful resource for resolving commercial disputes where all other avenues are exhausted,” Simmi says, “Court should be the last resort, because after all our clients are far better off if they are empowered and directed to resolve matters without a third party to decide for them.”

Simmi advises clients on growing their portfolios and protecting their intellectual property rights. She focuses on business-like solutions and she sees law as a way to improve the lives of her clients.

Email: simmi@iclaw.com

Phone: (07) 974 9179

Shannon Whyte

Shannon Whyte

Senior Solicitor

Shannon sees law as a tool to build wealth and certainty for her clients. She uses the law and her experience to provide prompt advice on a variety of contracts whether it be real estate, building contracts or the purchase/sale of a business. Shannon also advises her clients on relationship property matters with a supportive and clear-sighted approach.


Shannon is the perfect person to contact for the purchase of your first home or to grow a property investment portfolio, but she also advises on commercial transactions where she stands beside her clients to achieve their business dreams. Energetic and goal driven, she will get you what you need, when you need it.


Shannon has a strong interest in the community and has a belief that everyone should have the same access to legal advice, information and support. She is also an avid supporter of initiatives that promote greater collaboration between the profession and law schools and an active participant in the Waikato New Lawyers network and Young Professionals group.

Email: shannon@iclaw.com

Phone: (07) 929 4304

Olivia Day

Olivia Day

Senior Solicitor

Olivia specialises in employment law. She has experience in drafting Individual Employment Agreements and assisting iCLAW’s clients to conduct effective restructures. Olivia believes strongly that business owners who enter into employment relationships genuinely and in good faith should be supported to avoid the modern and costly pitfalls of the employment law landscape.

Olivia is also passionate about property, both rural and urban. To her, property investment (and owning a home) should be a focus of all kiwi families. While employment law dominates a lot of her time, Olivia makes sure she has time in her week to help her clients achieve their property dreams.

Olivia has a great deal of experience with first home buyers using their kiwisaver and homestart grant to enable them to purchase their first property and get a start on the property ladder.

You should also be asking Olivia for her views and her advice on estate and asset planning tools (including trusts, wills, and relationship property agreements) because these tools play an important role in property ownership, succession and certainty.

Email: olivia@iclaw.com

Phone: (07) 974 9178


Janey Haringa


Janey is a commercial and corporate solicitor at iCLAW. Prior to practising law, she picked up a few degrees in biomedicine, business and law. She gained experience in the commercial start-up and medical device industry, advising the NZ public and private sectors in product development, regulatory compliance, capital raising, positioning IP assets, valuation and business planning.

Janey has a particular interest in supporting businesses looking to scale globally and raise capital.

Email: janey@iclaw.com

Phone: (07) 974 4846

Jayde Kenny

Executive Assistant

Jayde has over 25 years of experience working in law firms. She is a qualified Legal Executive and currently supports the iCLAW management team by ensuring the smoother operation of the firm with her extensive knowledge of law office management.

Email: jayde@iclaw.com

Phone: 07 929 4300


Shontelle Haugh

Office Assistant

Shontelle, known to almost everyone as Shonny, is fairly new to the commercial services industry. Before beginning her role at iCLAW as an office assistant, Shonny was a labourer and specialised in fencing. The transition from fencer to office assistant is definitely a big one, but Shonny was ready for the change!

Shonny is delighted to be a part of the team and is excited about having the opportunity to learn new skills and experience a different type of work. Shonny is looking forward to her future at iCLAW.

Email: shonny@iclaw.com

Phone: 07 929 4300

Kirsty Will

Kirsty Will

Registered Legal Executive

Kirsty is enthusiastic about helping people purchase their own homes, especially their first homes.

Kirsty sees law as an important piece of the property puzzle which is misunderstood as being just a necessary evil. “If contacted earlier on in a land transaction we can do more than just charge a fee for transferring dirt; we have such a huge amount of knowledge and value to add and in such an important transaction, it seems odd to avoid using that.”

Kirsty’s attention to detail and diligent approach to her work have seen her being recently promoted into the team looking after our corporate clients and the incorporation of companies and limited partnerships.

Email: kirsty@iclaw.com

Phone: (07) 974 9288

Hannah Mills

Hannah Mills

Registered Legal Executive

Hannah has an eye for detail and has applied it to a variety of areas in the law. Hannah sees law as a way to smooth out the pathway for investment. “Expert legal advice is essential for investors in any type of asset,” Says Hannah.

Hannah has worked with some of New Zealand’s most acclaimed IP advisers; also in general law and as a specialist property manager. She brings all this experience to bear at iCLAW to improve the lives of clients and community.

Hannah supports the wider iCLAW team to deliver advice for commercial transactions, Intellectual property matters, estate planning, and residential conveyancing.

Email: hannah@iclaw.com

Phone: (07) 929 4300


Stephanie Frith

Trust Account Manager

Stephanie has over 25 years of experience working in law firms – from boutique firms in the south island to  large corporate firms in London. She currently supports the iCLAW team by managing the trust account and the firm’s AML/CFT compliance responsibilities. She enjoys spending time with her family and trail running.

Email: stephanie@iclaw.com

Phone: (07) 929 4300

Gemma Martin

Gemma Martin


Gemma is part of our Property and Commercial teams.

Gemma sees that her knowledge and passion for business can be applied in commercial law.

Email: gemma@iclaw.com

Phone: (07) 929 4479